Loose Change

Our two doughnuts from the Baker's Dozen

Barry, My brotha from anotha mutha, and I made a last minute decision to fly to NYC to catch the last two shows of Phish's historic Baker's Dozen run.  For the non Phish fans they won't get it but for the fans they understand the significance of these thirteen shows the band played at Madison Square Garden this summer and I'm glad that we got to experience part of it.  I took a 35mm camera and two rolls of film for the trip and yeah, blurry concert photos were the norm before the iPhone. 

The Bell Tolls for Atlanta

My mother always says that most things in life will come down to who you know and this how I found myself in the outfield of Suntrust Park photographing Metallica. I've photographed a lot of bands, concerts, and festivals over the years but this was by far the biggest single act that I've shot and it was pretty damn cool. As with a lot of big name acts the media is walked down to the photo pit, given the first three songs to shoot, and then walked back out and that was this case with this show so I didn't get a chance to sit back and really take in the event. I won't go as far as to say that having the chance to photograph Metallica was bucket list material but it is certainly cool to have experienced them and to be able to add their images into my portfolio.

Athfest 2017

This was the first year in a while  that I was able to enjoy a whole Athfest weekend without having to work and it and it was great. Friday was the night I really wanted to be out as most the bands I wanted to see were playing - Ruby and Rabbitfoot, Powerkompany, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Monsoon, Futurebirds, New Madrid, and Bobby's Shorts which is the greatest name for a Grateful Dead cover band EVER. However it was Saturday night that took the cake for me. I only made it to one band, Neighbor Lady. I'd somehow managed to miss them for the past year when they played in town but I was poised not to suffer the same fate this night. After a failed surprise birthday party for a friend we all left to hit up the music but I darted into the Georgia Theatre and was so very impressed by these guys and gals. Please please go see Neighbor Lady if they make it your way. Here's a taste of what I saw and snapped.

On the streets of the city

In April I went to NYC for a couple of weeks, the longest amount of time I've spent there. While I had friends  I wanted to see, bands to shoot, and models to work with the real point of the trip was to photograph the city by foot, and I walked everywhere.  I went with a bunch of cameras, probably too many, but I wanted to capture the city with  a few different looks. I didn't get out to all of the places that I wanted to and I'm not sure I really got what I wanted but I saw a lot of Brooklyn and a good part of Manhattan so managed to accomplish the task. I'm not really a street photographer but I wanted to walk the city and see what unfolded in front of me. So here is some of what I saw. All shots were made a few different 35mm cameras, all film. Times Square is Times Square and it's all touristy but I like to check it out overtime I go. I tell you what, people say you need to go out in the dessert, mountains, ocean, nature so you can realize how small you are but if you spend some time in Times Square you can get the same feeling. I did pull up a seat in a side street bar in Times Square and hung out with locals which surprised me.



Spooned in Athens

Spoon, one of my absolute favorite bands, came back to Athens last night after a long time away  and grooved us all.  Playing many songs off their new album they made their way through a nice mix of their catalog. Britt Daniel, lead singer and frontman, made several references to playing at Tasty World, no longer in business, way back in the day...man what I would have given to see them play there.  Anyways here are some pics form last night's show.

Parquet Courts at the Georgia Theatre

I really really dig this band. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly but I enjoy them a lot. With heavy roots in punk music a lot of their songs just have this driving hypnotic beat to them, their voices are just so unique, and the phrasing they use in so many of their songs...it all just sounds different. Good different. They put on a hell of a shot too. Side note, you haven't chuckled until you've seen hipster kids trying to mosh like they were trying to do on this night.

Stranger Things with Roarie Yum

On a cold and dreary day, almost a year to the day, Roarie rolled through Atlanta. I found a location in Atlanta, though not so secret, that has become one of my absolute favorite locations and from the first time I set foot inside I knew that Roarie would be great in it. I've shot in the building six times and have never taken the same shot twice, its that magical. It took me a year to get the edits down on this shoot and I'm not really sure why, maybe nervousness about them not being perceived as great as I think they are. It was a chore to narrow them down to a presentable size and here a re few selected images.  None the less this session with Roarie has produced some of my most favorite images and I hope you enjoy.


Josh Evans

A few weeks ago I snagged Josh Evans, lead singer of Muuy Biien one of my my favorite local bands, borrowed a 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II, and grabbed Morgan Guritz for some styling help and together we all headed out to Ben Epps airport for snap some pics. These images were shot with a Canon F-1 on Kodak Portra 400 35mm film.


Turkey Day leftovers with the Futurebirds

Over the past year I've had the chance to shoot the Futurebirds on several occasions and they quickly became one of my favorite bands to photograph. Their music has certainly grown on me as well and these boys know how to put on a good show. The played the day after Thanksgiving in the newly renovated Variety Playhouse and if you have not been there yet I highly suggest it because it's be reeeeeeeal nice.

Jason Isbell live at the Georgia Theatre (11.30.16)

So I was real late to get on the Isbell train but when I did I was hooked. For the past year every time he was close to Athens or playing a festival that I was at for some reason or another I was unable to make the show. Well when he announced that he was playing two nights at the theatre I knew my time had come. A third show was added because the first two sold out so quick so I chose to shoot the first night and here are those pics.

Haley at night.

Shooting on Fuji Natura 1600 Haley and I ventured out to this concrete pipe making place for a night shoot. Like the post below "Victoria at night" this was an experiment with film that was new to me and shooting on film at night is a new process. We were both happy with our end results.

Victoria at night

A couple of weeks ago I bought a couple of rolls of 1600 speed film because I wanted to do some night shooting. My guinea pig was Victoria on a roll of Fuji Superia 1600. After a long for her I knew she was tired but she was a champ and let me drag her around to three different locations. I really like the color tones this film produces and I'm pretty sure I will be trying it again.

Coheed and Cambria at the Georgia Theatre

A couple of weeks Coheed and Cambria came through Athens so I stopped by the theatre to shoot. I've made no bones over the years about how this particular music is not what I like to listen to but I ABSOLUTELY love to shoot it because of the theatrics and energy these bands bring. So I now present to you Claudio Sanchez's hair live at the Georgia Theatre.

Lotta on film

Lotta is a German national but lived in Athens for several months over the past couple of years. She found me on Instagram and asked if we could shoot together, so we did. We managed to knock out a few shoots, some digital and some film, and she has by far been one of the best models I've worked with and she's  just a natural. These film shots, taken on Kodak Portra 160 with my Minolta SrT 201, were from our very last shoot together. Wardrobe proved by Dynamite Vintage here in Athens.


Bonnaroo 2016 on film

I went to Bonnaroo as the photographer for my friends Stokeswood that were playing but we were only there for Thursday night and all day Friday and I can tell you that it is a whole other experience doing it as an "artist" versus a volunteer as I had done in the past. I didn't have plans to shoot other bands but once I saw that I was kind of able to get all access with my camera and artist credentials I shot a few of the acts that day before finally getting shut down and deciding I'd rather party anyway. It was an amazing experience from the accessibility, to the three heartily squares a day, to the free drinks, and to the best of all...getting to watch Danny Clinch work up close and personal.

I've been making more of a transition to film these days, finding myself carrying around a film camera every where i go rather than digital and I did so for the trip to Bonnaroo. I took my little minolta set 201 and a roll of Fujichrome Sensia 200 as well a Holga with a roll of Portra 160 and this are some of the shots I got back. I'm still figuring out how to shoot slide film so please be forgiving.

Shaky Knees on Film

For the third year in a row I photographed the Shaky Knees festival in Atlanta but this time I took a 35mm camera with me to shoot a couple of rolls of film while poking around.  These were all taken with a Minolta SRT 201 on Kodak Portra 160 and 400.

Shaky Knees 2016 - Friday