Loose Change

Junip at Terminal West

This past Monday, 10.7.13, Junip brought their quiet rolling sound to Terminal West in Atlanta. I've been a big fan of this band since their debut album, "Fields", dropped a couple of years ago. This year they released a new self titled album and I like it even better than the first. They gained a lot of attention with this album when the single off the album, "In the Line of Fire", was featured at the end of an episode of Breaking Bad.  I love the music of this band but the live show well was what I thought it might be, boring. I was lucky to get any shots worth using because the band had specific instructions to keep them in the dark for the duration of the show, very little light they asked for.  I had a friend with me who is a lighting designer so he went to investigate why the band was not lit and he was told of the band's instructions. He suggested that house LD was taking the band's wishes maybe a little too literally and that I was down front shooting and that a little bit of front light would help which he gave me. Had it not been for my buddy I would not have gotten any shots worth keeping from this show.  Anyways click the link above and if you like that song I highly recommend you picking up their new album simply titled, "Junip"