Loose Change

Washed Out at the Georgia Theatre

If you say you aren't familiar with the music of Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, I would argue that you are and don't even know it. If you've been watching the wildly popular "Portlandia" than you probably really enjoy the opening song which is Washed Out's breakout hit "Feel it All Around". His debut EP "Life of Leisure" dropped in 2009 and it hit me right from the start. I saw him perform at the 40 Watt in the fall of that year and from what I understand it was only his second live set and it was not very enjoyable. Well flash forward to 2013 and he's got his live show down. This was a homecoming show of sorts for Ernest and complete with full band and stage decor to compliment the aesthetics of his new album his show was fun, bouncy and full of the indie shoegaze kids that just like to stand and stare at the artist on stage.  It seemed like walking through the crowd that so many of the kids there had never been to a concert before. They just seemed uncomfortable with the scene around them but with that said there were a swarm of folks jumping and having a good ole time.