Loose Change

Cousin Dan & Lotus at the Georgia Theatre

Lotus came through Athens for two days, Thursday and Friday Sept. 19 and 20, but I was only able to make it to the show on Friday. I am not real familiar with Lotus' music so I was curious but I am extremely familiar with the music of the Friday opener, Cousin Dan. The music and show of Cousin Dan  is something of an electro dance party throw back to the denimed 80's. His music is actually really catchy and will make you move to the groove but his stage show is so tongue and cheek that you can't help but smile. From the glittered cod piece to the denim jacket to the lighted one man dance floor to the lazers to the ripping of the telephone book in half you'll spend most of the show trying to figure out if it is a true music venture or a comedy act. Whatever it is I LOVE IT.

I was not real impressed with Lotus. I guess it just wasn't my thing. The music never really went anywhere for me. From a photographer's stand point they were tough and not very fun to shoot. They was not much front light on the band making it hard to get good shots of the and plus they never really did much on stage which made them boring to watch for me.