Loose Change

Athfest 2014 (New Madrid and Turquoise Jeep)

On account that I had to man the pizza shop all weekend I didn't get a chance to see as much music Athfest weekend that I wanted to. However I was able to see the three bands that I absolutely wanted to hear and they were all playing at the fabulous Georgia Theatre.  After closing Friday night I hurried down to catch the Woodgrains, not an entirely new band but one of my new local favs, on the roof of the theatre before running downstairs to catch up and comer, New Madrid. I didn't shoot the Woodgrains but I did do so for New Madrid and they are good for the camera. I'm not really able to put my finger on what their influences are pulled from but I heard some of The War on Drugs in their music but maybe that's because I can't get enough of there new album either.  Needless to say I will be checking them out again soon. On Saturday I hustled down and got to the theatre just in time for the Turquoise Jeep show. Tongue in cheek is what these guys are, an exaggerated play on the over sexed R&B lyrics that permeate music these days and of the late 90's. Though they can dance they are funny to look at it and listen too.