Loose Change

Athfest 2017

This was the first year in a while  that I was able to enjoy a whole Athfest weekend without having to work and it and it was great. Friday was the night I really wanted to be out as most the bands I wanted to see were playing - Ruby and Rabbitfoot, Powerkompany, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Monsoon, Futurebirds, New Madrid, and Bobby's Shorts which is the greatest name for a Grateful Dead cover band EVER. However it was Saturday night that took the cake for me. I only made it to one band, Neighbor Lady. I'd somehow managed to miss them for the past year when they played in town but I was poised not to suffer the same fate this night. After a failed surprise birthday party for a friend we all left to hit up the music but I darted into the Georgia Theatre and was so very impressed by these guys and gals. Please please go see Neighbor Lady if they make it your way. Here's a taste of what I saw and snapped.