Loose Change

"A Good One Coming On"

Blackberry Smoke

Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA


This was my first time seeing Blackberry Smoke and it will not be my last. I dig on that Southern Rock/R&B sound, I love that shit, but for some reason I had not really given these guys a chance. If you like the Black Crowes, Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet - all that stuff - than you will like these guys. It's Southern Rock but it's got a little bit more of a groove than you usually associate with that sound. To quote someone I was talking to about the band, "Everything's just a little bit slower than it should be." By their own admission a lot of the band was fighting the flu this night so I guess they were playing with a little less fire than they normally do but it didn't bother me. This band makes for pretty good photo material too with their vintage rocker threads and long hair and you can tell by the photos here that the lead singer, Charlie Starr, is the man to shoot.