Loose Change

Bonnaroo 2016 on film

I went to Bonnaroo as the photographer for my friends Stokeswood that were playing but we were only there for Thursday night and all day Friday and I can tell you that it is a whole other experience doing it as an "artist" versus a volunteer as I had done in the past. I didn't have plans to shoot other bands but once I saw that I was kind of able to get all access with my camera and artist credentials I shot a few of the acts that day before finally getting shut down and deciding I'd rather party anyway. It was an amazing experience from the accessibility, to the three heartily squares a day, to the free drinks, and to the best of all...getting to watch Danny Clinch work up close and personal.

I've been making more of a transition to film these days, finding myself carrying around a film camera every where i go rather than digital and I did so for the trip to Bonnaroo. I took my little minolta set 201 and a roll of Fujichrome Sensia 200 as well a Holga with a roll of Portra 160 and this are some of the shots I got back. I'm still figuring out how to shoot slide film so please be forgiving.