Loose Change

On the streets of the city

In April I went to NYC for a couple of weeks, the longest amount of time I've spent there. While I had friends  I wanted to see, bands to shoot, and models to work with the real point of the trip was to photograph the city by foot, and I walked everywhere.  I went with a bunch of cameras, probably too many, but I wanted to capture the city with  a few different looks. I didn't get out to all of the places that I wanted to and I'm not sure I really got what I wanted but I saw a lot of Brooklyn and a good part of Manhattan so managed to accomplish the task. I'm not really a street photographer but I wanted to walk the city and see what unfolded in front of me. So here is some of what I saw. All shots were made a few different 35mm cameras, all film. Times Square is Times Square and it's all touristy but I like to check it out overtime I go. I tell you what, people say you need to go out in the dessert, mountains, ocean, nature so you can realize how small you are but if you spend some time in Times Square you can get the same feeling. I did pull up a seat in a side street bar in Times Square and hung out with locals which surprised me.