Loose Change

Riff Raff at the Versace Theatre

If you know anything about Riff Raff than you'll get the title of this post. I'm not sure how I first heard about him. Maybe it was the talk of how James Franco ripped off his persona for the movie "Spring Breakers" or maybe it was from his nonsensicle Vines, I don't know but he is one of the most oddball characters I've come across in  while.  With a gift of gab that borders on gibberish and possessing basically zero musical talent Riff Raff has garnered a growing fan base. I started to call it cultish but I don't think that's the right word.  He's just entertaining to watch from his white boy corn rows and ridiculous facial hair to his neon 90's throwback beach wear it's a show worth checking out. I can't figure out if he has all this money that he claims to or if he is just playing along.

From the minute I saw this show pop up on the Georgia Theatre's calendar I was excited to shoot this. I'm not a fan of his "music" but I am fan of him and I did not anticipate him selling out the Georgia Theatre though.  Trying to explain the crowd in the theatre that night is impossible. Flat fill wearing frat boys, Athens hip hops kids, hipsters and of course the loud and just there to be seen but not for the music sorority girls make for a boiling neon soup. After coming on almost forty five minutes late the show was a let down in my book.  As is the case with so many hip hop acts that come through Athens, they think it's a small little college town and they can sleep on it and not give a good show.  It was obvious from the minute he stepped on stage he wasn't in to it and his set was shorter than amount of time he was late going on.