Loose Change

Shaky Knees Music Festival Day 2

The second day of Shaky Knees was again marred by rain though this time it didn't last as long but came down with more ferocity.  It didn't stop the crowd from enjoying themselves and made for a nice segue into the evening portion of the music.  Today's lineup featured two bands that I was anxious to see in Portugal, The Man and Modest Mouse. Portugal played a hell of a set but I was let down by Modest Mouse. I have been a big Modest Mouse fan for year and have never seen them because they don't tour much but visually I was let down because they played in the dark most of the set and sonically it just wasn't loud enough. I couldn't hear the intricacies that are in their music with all of the different instruments. I was impressed with Dawes set, having never seen them before, and then was treated to them again as they played the back up band for Conor Oberst. The real surprise of the day came when Billie Joe, frontman for Green Day, came out during The Replacements third song and played through the rest of the set. That was really cool to get some pictures of him.