Loose Change

TAB at the Tabby

Valentine's Day Trey Anastasio rolled in to Atlanta's Tabernacle. This was the first show back in the Tabernacle since a concert the week prior had to be cut short due to issues with the flooring and it's security. As a big time Phish fan I was ecstatic to be able to shoot Trey. I've photographed a lot of concerts but every time I've shot Phish or Trey he really is one of the few musicians that I want to spend as much time watching as I do shooting. As is standard for most concerts we were only allowed to shoot the first three songs but we(the photographers)were given a ticket to be able to stay for the show, which I totally intended to stay for. However once we are done shooting we have to walk our gear out to our cars and as I was doing I saw this little young fan, maybe 20, trying to buy a ticket to the sold out show from a scalper. This kid was about to spend all his lunch money on this ticket and I felt bad for him because I remember being in that same exact spot when I was in age. I walked on past but after a few steps I turned back to stop the kid and keep him from getting hosed and ended giving him my ticket for a few bucks. Figured I did my good deed for the day. Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.