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I don't have some cool story about how I found myself taking pictures. Granddaddy didn't show me how to load the camera and take me out in the backyard to shoot Grandmother drinking her vodka tonics on the patio. No, I simply started doing it because I was on the yearbook staff in high school and no one else wanted to take pictures so I said what the hell. It got me out of school, around town and able to talk to some of the prettier girls in class. I've enjoyed looking at photographs and I would find myself thinking that certain scenes I would come across were cool and might make a nice picture but not until I took a trip to Thailand in 2005 did it all click for me. Something about that trip, I'm sure it was the ecstasy of being in a foreign land where everything was new and brightly colored and just so very different from anything I had ever encountered, made me want to document every step I took.

It wasn't until a couple of years later before I bought a good camera and starting taking pics everywhere I went.  I had a traveling job that took me all over the Southeast and left me with a lot of free time so I was able to go out and explore these exotic locations all over the Southeast. I say exotic but they really were small Southeastern towns chock full of desolate downtowns, beautiful countryside and interesting people which translates to a lot of amazing subject matter for someone trying to learn how to work a camera and take pictures. Over the years a lot of my focus has turned toward photographing live music, seemed like a natural progression for as much as I seek out and listen to music. I like shooting live music because there is so much emotion, energy, fashion, anger, color, joy, blah blah blah that goes along with music and it's so fun to be around. Based in Athens, GA leaves me with plenty of music to be able to photograph. Much like my music collection is all over the place, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, so is my portfolio. I shoot whatever catches my eye, who says you have to have a style to be a photographer? I capture moments in time that I find appealing.


2012 & 2013 Kaleidoscope Award for "Best Event Photograph" given by the Southeast Festivals & Events Association

Georgia Theatre house photographer

Deep Roots Music and Arts Festival chief photographer

Prefix Magazine photographer

Luke Bryan staff photographer